The Gill-Man said...

Sculpt or Coat, huh? I assume this is available at the local arts & crafts stores? I definitely need something strong to seal my scarecrow, and it sounds like this will do the trick!! Thanks!

Drop Gallow said...

Probably depends on where you live. I have to buy it online but it's my favorite stuff. Costs about $50 for a gallon but it lasts forever - you don't need much to seal even a large prop. I'm not even finished with the gallon I bought in 2007.

It does leave just a bit of a sheen, as you can see on Hanky, so if that bothers you, seal the prop and then paint it.

Well worth the money.

The Frog Queen said...

Awesome piece. I really love the way he looks like he is creeping towards you. Must freak out the TOTs :D